That stupid groundhog was right. This winter has been a doozy. Last week and this one have been challenging due to the weather, and have left me longing for the days when “snow day” applied to me.

See, now that I’m a grown up, I still have to go to work when it snows. I also happen to have a job that while awesome in many ways, doesn’t accommodate for weather. I really lucked out by having last Thursday as my scheduled day off. Had I been working, I would have been stuck and had to sleep at the hospital. Not fun. I’d rather snuggle my babies.

Around midday, the streets in my neighborhood were awash with pedestrians who left their stuck vehicles and continued home on foot. Many cars were stuck on our street. Stadium Boulevard was littered with abandoned vehicles, and snow plows were stuck in ditches. Pretty crazy. I wanted to be able to help the stuck cars I saw, but I had two little ones to attend. So I did the best I could by making hot chocolate for E and myself and watching the thundersnow blizzard happen.


I got great ideas about all the fun we we would have in the snow. However, my little man did not like the idea of putting on snow gear. Not being one to force the issue on optional recreation, I let it go and thought that if he saw me outside playing, he would want to join in. No go. I ran and jumped and threw snow for his amusement as he watched from the front window. He was delighted by my antics, but still refused to come outside. Stubborn little booger. I like to think he’ll be resistant to peer pressure because modeling play behavior has no effect on him whatsoever. Go your own way, my Fleetwood Mac child.


Here is the snow pile I walked past on Friday morning on my way into the hospital. This is serious stuff.


This week: Enter Daddy.  Daddy takes no prisoners.  Daddy wrangled him into his snow outfit and we all went outside and played in the snow.  Whether we liked it or not.  We mostly liked it.  “I like it!” is one of Elijah’s big phrases right now.  Has been for for several weeks.  Recently though, we’ve been experiencing the closely related, though less pleasing, “I don’t like it.”