Today was my favorite day of the week.  It’s my day off work and I get to hang out with my monkeys all day long.20130731-202548.jpgThis is our resident cardinal.  She starts tapping on a window in my bedroom about 0630 every day.  She makes my “sleeping in” slightly less luxurious.  She does this all day long, and she has a friend who desperately wants to come in the door to our living room from the back deck.20130731-202556.jpgShe sits on the ledge, taps, then launches herself into it with her wings spread from a nearby lilac bush, then flies back into the bush to do it again. I’m seriously considering just leaving the door open to let them in because I think they want to be our pets.20130731-203121.jpgWhen this guy hears it at the breakfast table, he says: There’s our cardinal!  He helped me make muffins this morning.  He loves to help in the kitchen.  Sometimes helping means dumping lemon zest all over the counter.  He’s awfully cute though.20130731-203134.jpgAfter Jordan took her morning nap, she would not leave her car seat alone and kept trying to get into it.  This girl loves to go go go.  So I said, Great! Let’s go to the park because it finally stopped raining! (it seems far more likely to rain if I am off work.)20130731-203146.jpgWe are in the picnic business, and business is good.20130731-203217.jpgUm, hello Momma.  It’s about time we moved along, don’t you think?20130731-203159.jpgOkay, Boss Baby.  To the swings it is!20130731-203501.jpgI pretty much feel like the luckiest mom ever whenever I get the chance to push them both in the swings at the same time while they laugh and smile.20130731-203227.jpgThen we came home, took naps, I tried to clean, had dinner, made cheesecake, and soon it was time for stories.  Eli actually tries to tell the stories to Jordan. It’s so sweet.20130731-203537.jpgFollowed by a rousing chorus of Two Little Monkeys, Jumpin’ on a Bed.  This photo is actually from a couple of nights ago, but you get the picture.  Jordan is just thrilled to have a guest in her crib.

20130731-204724.jpgAll in all, a pretty great day off.  Now to clean that kitchen….